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Heat-Mavericks Game 3 videos: wrong calls & no-calls (missed travels video later)

June 7th, 2011 18 comments

Below are the first two videos that feature the wrong and missed calls from Game 3 of the NBA Finals. These videos exclude the missed travels, which we are working on now, as well as a video of those calls we believe the refs got right that some people might have questioned.

Our new way of breaking up one large video into several smaller videos is taking longer than we anticipated, so thanks for your patience. We’ll continue to experiment on getting good content out on a timely basis.

In the first video, we have 4 clips of wrong or missed ref calls that benefitted Miami (in our last post we had stated 5, but have allocated one of those to Dallas since). These four calls resulted in 4 points being scored, approximately, by Miami during these possessions.

It wasn’t a good night for ref Scott Foster, who had 6 questionable foul calls, and Derrick Stafford, who had four. Usually you might get one ref who calls an inordinate amount of ticky-tack calls, but in this game, we had two (Foster and Stafford).

Below each video is a breakdown of all the clips in the video.

In the first video, we really appreciate the commentary that analyst Jeff Van Gundy provides in the last clip regarding players who flop on every play, and how he can’t understand how fellow commentators (Mark Jackson, Reggie Miller, just to name a few) think players SHOULD flop or sell calls. Bravo Van Gundy!

  1. The refs miss an offensive 3-second violation against Miami’s Chris Bosh.
  2. Ref Scott Foster will call a touch foul on Dallas’ Ian Mahinmi as Miami’s Udonis Haslem falls out out of bounds.
  3. The refs don’t call a foul on Miami’s Mario Chalmers when he arguably runs into Dallas’ Tyson Chandler.
  4. Ref Derrick Stafford will call a loose ball foul on Dallas’ Jason Kidd when it appeared Miami’s Dwyane Wade flopped.

In the second video (below) are 13 wrong or missed calls that benefitted Dallas (instead of 12, like we posted earlier today). Thirteen is a pretty wide disparity to the four that were missed to Miami’s advantage. However, it only resulted (roughly calculated) in 5 direct points that helped Dallas.

  1. Ref Scott Foster calls a foul on Miami’s Joel Anthony when it didn’t look like he made contact with Dallas’ Jason Terry.
  2. Ref Dan Crawford calls a questionable foul on Miami’s Mario Chalmers involving Dallas’ Jose Barea.
  3. Ref Derrick Stafford calls a foul on Miami’s LeBron James after Dallas’ DeShawn Stevenson flopped.
  4. Ref Dan Crawford calls a foul on Miami’s Mike Miller when it didn’t appear he hit Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.
  5. Ref Derrick Stafford calls a foul on Miami’s Mike Miller as he defends Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.
  6. Ref Dan Crawford doesn’t call a foul on Dallas’ Tyson Chandler when he puts his leg in Miami’s LeBron James‘ path, making him trip.
  7. Ref Derrick Stafford calls a foul on Miami’s Mike Bibby when there wasn’t much contact, if any, with Dallas’ Jose Barea.
  8. Ref Scott Foster calls a foul on Miami’s Mike Bibby when Dallas’ Jose Barea slips and falls.
  9. Ref Scott Foster calls a loose ball foul on Miami’s Udonis Haslem when it didn’t look like he made any contact.
  10. Ref Scott Foster calls a loose ball foul on Miami’s Udonis Haslem when it didn’t look like he made much, if any, contact with Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.
  11. The refs miss a foul from Dallas’ Jason Kidd on Miami’s LeBron James when Kidd lightly hits James’ arm, making him lose control of the ball while everyone thought James lost the ball on his own and traveled.
  12. Ref Scott Foster calls a loose ball foul on Miami’s Udonis Haslem (again) when it didn’t look like he made much, if any, contact with Dallas’ Tyson Chandler.
  13. Ref Derrick Stafford makes a no-call when Dallas’ Shawn Marion appears to foul Miami’s LeBron James.

Mavericks-Thunder (Game 4): The ref calls from an epic comeback (or blown victory) game

May 24th, 2011 17 comments

Here’s select ref calls from last night’s Dallas-Oklahoma City game. Since it was a classic game, it deserved thorough analysis (thus, the reason it took a littler longer than normal to get this out).

Here’s a summary of the calls (described in detail below). We don’t claim these are all of them, but a pretty thorough representation.

Wrong calls/no-calls penalizing Dallas – 5
Wrong calls/no-calls penalizing OKC – 8

Wrong calls/no-calls by refs:

  • Dan Crawford – 6
  • Tony Brothers – 2
  • Ken Mauer – 2
  • Shared among multiple refs – 4

In the video above, you’ll see clips of the following:

  • The refs miss OKC’s Kevin Durant creating space with his left arm on Dallas’ DeShawn Stevenson on his way to his spectacular dunk that was key to getting past Stevenson. Should have been an offensive foul on Durant.
  • Ref Dan Crawford calls a foul on OKC’s Nick Collison for light contact on Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki that he really sells. The other refs much closer to the play than Crawford didn’t blow their whistle or raise their arm. Should have been a no-call.
  • Ref Ken Mauer correctly calls a foul on Dallas’ Jason Terry, but OKC’s Eric Maynor does a good job of selling/flopping to get the foul called.
  • Ref Tony Brothers will call a foul on OKC’s Russell Westbrook when he looked established defensively before Dallas’ Jose Barea ran into him. But because Westbrook flopped to help sell it, Brothers might have been more compelled to call the foul against Westbrook.
  • Ref Dan Crawford missed a travel by OKC’s Kendrick Perkins right before Perkins scored on a layup.
  • ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy ribs the OKC fans for chanting insults in unison at the refs for a call that was obviously the correct one.
  • Ref Dan Crawford incorrectly calls a foul against Dallas’ Shawn Marion for aggressively trying to deny the ball from OKC’s Kevin Durant.
  • The refs missed a foul from Dallas’ Jason Kidd on OKC’s Kevin Durant that led to a “steal” by the Mavericks.
  • The refs will miss a foul on OKC’s James Harden, who hit Jason Terry‘s wrist on a 3-point shot attempt.
  • A tough call/no-call that could have gone either way between Dallas’ Jason Terry and OKC’s Serge Ibaka where Ibaka might have been moving slightly under Terry on a shot attempt, but Terry was also selling it a bit.
  • Ref Ken Mauer will call a ball out-of-bounds off an OKC player when it looked like it went off Dallas’ Brendan Haywood.
  • Ref Dan Crawford will call a “flagrant 1″ foul on Dallas’ Brendan Haywood when it looked like he didn’t make contact with OKC’s Kevin Durant when he brought his arms down.
  • Ref Ken Mauer will call a foul on OKC”s Nick Collison when it didn’t look like he made meaningful contact with Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.
  • Ref Dan Crawford will call a double foul between OKC’s Serge Ibaka and Dallas’ Tyson Chandler when it looked like Chandler was responsible for initiating the contact.
  • Ref Dan Crawford will call an incorrect foul on Dallas’ Jason Terry when OKC’s Russell Westbrook was the one responsible for initiating contact with Terry by cutting in front of him.
  • Ref Tony Brothers will call a foul on OKC’s Nick Collison when it didn’t look like there was any meaningful contact on Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.
  • Dallas’ Jason Kidd appeared to travel before he hit a 3-pointer in overtime, although most refs won’t call a travel for the slight upward movement like Kidd had with his pivot foot.

Heat-Bulls (Game 1): Some pretty bad calls against both teams, and some sad commentary from Steve Kerr

May 16th, 2011 25 comments

We’ve decided to focus on some of the calls from the Miami-Chicago game yesterday rather than Game 7 of Memphis-Oklahoma City that was played earlier in the day. That’s because OKC was never really threatened after they blew the game open in the 3rd quarter. Plus, it’s just not as interesting to point out ref calls for a series that’s over, unless there was a call that could have changed the outcome of the game, which there wasn’t.

In the video below you’ll see much more interesting calls for the Heat-Bulls series that could go a full seven games.

Here’s a breakdown of the clips in the video:

  • Ref Ken Mauer assigns a shooting foul on Keith Bogans for fouling LeBron James although it didn’t look like James was close to being in a shooting motion.
  • The entire ref crew gives Miami a break by not assigning a technical foul for having six players on the floor at one time.
  • Ref Dan Crawford assigns a ticky-tack foul on Kyle Korver when guarding LeBron James.
  • The refs failed to review if a shot by Carlos Boozer at the buzzer beat the shot clock (which it didn’t).
  • The refs failed to miss a travel by Derrick Rose, but even worse, TNT announcer Steve Kerr, while watching the slo-mo replay, fawns all over Rose’s ball handling abilities — hyping it up — without ever thinking Rose might have traveled. Just goes to show that even former NBA players get caught up in the hype without thinking of the rules.
  • Ref Ken Mauer misses Ronnie Brewer‘s foot on the baseline right before a dunk that gave the Bulls a 14-point lead with 8:59 remaining in the game.

Celtics-Heat (Game 1): Some of the worst calls we’ve seen in a single game these playoffs

May 2nd, 2011 8 comments

Although there were two playoff games on Sunday (Memphis-Oklahoma City, and Boston-Miami), the latter game was much more eventful from a ref call perspective, so we’ll feature several bad calls and mistakes from Celtics-Heat. There were 2 or 3 calls that just left you wondering, “What were they thinking?”

We’ve left much of the commentary from analysts Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson in the video below unedited so you can hear their analysis of the rules and how they should be enforced in these situations, with which we agree wholeheartedly.

The first call featured involving Delonte West hanging on the rim wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was still a mistake in how the refs interpreted it, we believe. But the other calls/no-calls were astounding. Check it out below…

Grizzlies vs. Spurs (Game 1): Not much controversial, but some good flops from Bonner

April 17th, 2011 No comments

We are working hard on reporting some of the worst and best ref calls from today’s (Sunday) playoff action. Here’s a report from the first game of the series: Game 1 of Grizzlies-Spurs.

There weren’t any controversial calls or no-calls that had a major impact on the outcome of this game. However, there were a couple of flops worth noting that our sister site has reported.

On the first flop in the 2nd quarter, Bonner appeared to get hit in the face as he was shooting, then put his hand over his right eye as he crumpled to the floor in what looked like major pain.

But when Bonner got up, somehow magically he was fine, not even having to TOUCH his face after such a ‘painful’ blow. I think most people would have continued to at least touch their wound getting up after such trauma to the face. He probably did get touched in the face slightly for a legitimate foul, but c’mon Bonner, you have to sell it all the way after getting up until you shoot your free throws!

On the second play featured in the video, Bonner threw himself out of bounds after getting slightly touched, if at all, but referee Dan Crawford (#23) actually rewarded him with two free throwss.

This bad call didn’t hurt Memphis because they ultimately won thanks to a Shane Battier 3-pointer near the end of the game, but Bonner’s two free throws after this flop did make the game closer than it should have been.

Props go to analyst Kevin McHale who made fun of Bonner’s flop after the play.

More coverage from Sunday’s other playoff games is coming, so stay tuned.