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Grizzlies-Spurs (Game 2): Was this a charge or block? Plus, a good no-call on major flop

April 21st, 2011 5 comments

For a game that was relatively close Wednesday night between San Antonio and Memphis, fortunately we didn’t see any terrible calls down the stretch that would have changed the outcome of the game.

However, we did want to feature one foul in the 3rd quarter that we thought was very questionable. Check it out in the video below and see if you agree with referee Leon Wood (#40). We know many of you will say there were many more questionable calls than this, but we have to pick-and-choose one of the best, okay?

In the second clip, we feature an Oscar-winning performance by Memphis forward Shane Battier, which the refs correctly called as a no-call.

While checking these clips out, also listen to the overflowing remarks about Manu Ginobili from Spurs’ broadcasters Bill Land and former player Sean Elliott. It was drooling remarks like these the whole game that prompted’s Bill Simmons to tweet what’s posted below the video player. (We just had to throw it in there).

Bill Simmons’ tweets about the Spurs’ announcers 4/20/11

Ref calls foul on Grant Hill just for running and falling

April 15th, 2011 No comments

We’ve always wondered why refs feel like they have to blow the whistle whenever a player falls to the floor, but a foul really isn’t warranted, assuming the ref was watching carefully.

That’s what happened on Wednesday when Manu Ginobili was willing to sacrifice his arm, elbow and body trying to draw a foul against Grant Hill.

Check out the video on (our sister site) where you’ll see Ginobiili sticking his arm out in Hill’s path, getting it hyperextended, falling to the floor, taking Hill down with him, and referee David Jones calling a foul on Hill.

Hill should not be penalized for Ginobili being careless enough to put his arm in a position where Hill was going to run into it. If Ginobili’s arm hadn’t gotten stuck on Duncan’s body for a split second and essentially serve as a gate, there probably would have been no foul called. But it’s not Hill’s fault that Ginobili put his arm in such peril.

Sure, play is somewhat disrupted with a player or two on the floor, but for once we’d like to see play continue in a halfcourt situation when two or more players fall to the floor without a whistle being blown.

You usually do NOT see refs blow the whistle if possession of the ball immediately changes, especially if a fast break starts the other way. They probably don’t want to let an exciting, fast break opportunity get stopped just because a couple of players are on the floor after contact is made.

But this interpretation is prone to being abused by players like Ginobili who are willing to get in an opponent’s way, taking his man down with him. In this case, it ended up hurting Ginobili physically. Maybe the pain he suffered will make him less inclined to do it in the future.

Good no-call on Manu’s injury-inducing flop

April 9th, 2011 4 comments

NBA referee Jason Phillips (#23) deserves a lot of credit for not being duped by Manu Ginobili’s flop against the Grizzlies on March 28th.

As written on our sister site

It just goes to show if you flop enough like Manu does (ranked #2 in a recent Sports Illustrated players’ poll), you’re eventually going to get hurt.

Because of the thigh contusion he suffered as he jerked his leg up against Marc Gasol trying to draw a foul, Ginobili only played 19 minutes, scored two points, and the Spurs ended up losing the game.

Wouldn’t it have been something if the Spurs had lost home court advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs by one game, and this loss against a beatable Grizzlies team with Ginobili not playing a complete game being one of the reasons why?

At the 1:05 mark, you can see it’s not just us saying Ginobili got hurt because of the flop…even the Memphis announcers say it!