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Thunder @ Mavericks (Game 1): Select calls from the 1st half, including whistle-happy Joe Crawford

May 18th, 2011 10 comments

There were so many questionable calls and no-calls from last night’s game between Oklahoma City and Dallas, we’ve decided to break up our analysis into two separate videos. A video from second half action will be coming out later today.

In this video, you’ll get a glimpse why referee Joe Crawford (#55) is considered so “whistle happy,” calling ticky-tack fouls on negligible contact.

Here’s a breakdown of the clips in the video above:

  • Ref Zach Zarba (#33) calls questionable double technical fouls on Tyson Chandler and Kendrick Perkins for fairly minor extracurricular activity.
  • Ref Joe Crawford arguably misses a travel on Dirk Nowitzki (which we describe in detail happens with other players on this blog post here and here).
  • Ref Zach Zarba misses a shooting foul from Dirk Nowitzki on Russell Westbrook.
  • Ref Bill Kennedy calls a terrible shooting foul on Jason Terry involving Kevin Durant.
  • Ref Bill Kennedy gets wrong an out-of-bounds call involving Jason Terry, but to Kennedy’s credit, he was shielded from the play, and he did check with another ref to see if he had a better angle on it, which he didn’t.
  • Ref Joe Crawford calls a ticky-tack foul on Jason Terry
  • Ref Joe Crawford calls a questionable foul (looks like he was wrong) on Tyson Chandler when another ref who had a better angle on the play didn’t call anything.

Lakers-Mavericks (Game 4): The calls that got two Lakers ejected, plus a good no-call on Bryant

May 9th, 2011 3 comments

Obviously the Lakers-Mavericks game on Sunday will go down as a historic game for obvious reasons (Lakers swept badly, probably Phil Jackson’s last game as a coach, etc.). It was such a blowout win for the Mavericks, the refs didn’t play any part in the outcome.

However, there were two calls that everyone is talking about that were actually pretty easy when Lamar Odom roughed up Dirk Nowitzki, and Andrew Bynum gave a body shot to J.J. Barea. We’ve included those plays in the video below, as well as a flop from Barea that may have been one reason he got under the Lakers’ skin all series long, and they were going to try to “teach him a lesson.” Who knows.

Mavericks-Lakers (Game 1): Some tough calls, with one that could have gone either way

May 3rd, 2011 12 comments

Last night’s Dallas-LA Laker game was much more eventful from a ref call perspective in comparison to Atlanta-Chicago, so we’ll focus on a few calls from that game.

Remember that we’re not picking sides, but just featuring some tough calls where some refs are prone to call fouls more than others in the same situation. The first clip is fairly obvious, with the last play possibly going either way.

Mavericks-Blazers (Game 4): Questionable calls/no-calls analyzed from classic comeback game

April 24th, 2011 21 comments

Although there were some great playoff games played Saturday, the one between Portland and Dallas was incredible to watch, so we’re going to feature that one since it had some crucial ref calls and no-calls that could have had a bearing on the outcome. On Sunday we’ll feature a call or two from the Denver-Oklahoma City game.

The Indiana-Chicago game on Saturday was a close one, but surprisingly we didn’t see any controversial calls down the stretch that could have changed the outcome. Same goes for the San Antonio-Memphis game.

Rather than describe some of the Maverick-Blazer game calls through text, we’ll do it through the video below:

Blazer coach fined $35k for comments about refs. Was he justified? We break it down

April 19th, 2011 7 comments

Portland coach Nate McMillan had some critical things to say about the referees after the Blazers’ loss to Dallas on Saturday, which earned him a $35,000 fine from the league on Monday. Here’s what McMillan said after Saturday’s game…

The (Dallas) free throws, I just don’t get that. It’s hard for our guys to know how to play out there when it’s called a little different—19-2 in the fourth quarter. And I felt like we were attacking, and guys really didn’t know how to play with the fouls that were being called. A lot of touch fouls. I thought that took the momentum and pretty much gave them control of the game in the fourth quarter.

We have decided to break down the foul situation further to see just how much of a discrepancy there was in McMillan’s claim there were “a lot of touch fouls” with what actually happened.

Unfortunately, ESPN (which we have to watch since we don’t think NBA League Pass channels are carrying the playoff games) did a terrible job showing replays of alleged “touch” fouls so that we could get a closer look. ESPN was too busy promoting upcoming games during the ensuing free throws after alleged fouls, which is a shame for sports fans. [Ironically, you see more replays of fouls on regional sports networks, I guess because they don’t have as much to promote]. I digress.

Here’s what we determined happened in the fourth quarter.

4th quarter breakdown

We counted 6 fouls the Blazers committed on Dirk Nowitzki in the fourth quarter. Because ESPN didn’t show close-up, floor-angle replays of 4 of these fouls, we have to go off what the primary camera angle showed.

It looked like 3 fouls were somewhat “touch” or “ticky-tack” fouls. Another foul, charged towards Andre Miller, looked like a ticky-tack foul, but the floor-angle replay shows that Miller was foolish to try to reach around Dirk’s body for a steal.

By the way, Miller had no chance of stealing the ball, and you’d expect a veteran like Miller to not stick his hand or arm close to an opponent’s body like that when he has no chance of getting it while Nowitzki is spinning away from him. Instead, the chances of getting a foul called goes way up, even if the defender doesn’t make contact.

The remaining two fouls the Blazers had on Dirk, both shooting fouls, looked like legit foul calls by the refs.
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