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Mavericks-Heat (Game 6): Lowest numbers of missed/wrong calls & missed travels in playoffs

June 13th, 2011 12 comments

We’ve done a preliminary review of all the plays from last night’s Game 6 between Dallas and Miami. There were less wrong and missed ref calls than normal (but we’d still like this number to be reduced for all future games). We counted 12 total, but there were about 10 calls where we couldn’t make an accurate assessment because ABC didn’t show alternate angles like we have seen from other networks earlier in the playoffs and regular season.

Out of the 12 wrong or missed calls where we could make an assessment, 4 of them were to the benefit of the Mavericks for a rough estimate of +4 in points, and 8 favored the Heat for an estimated +10 point difference.

It’s interesting that the number of missed travels decreased from the refs, too, with a total of eight, far below the 28 from Game 5. Perhaps that was due to the continued reluctance (or good Dallas defense, or both) for LeBron James to drive to the basket. But also because maybe as playoff games get more intense and the stakes become higher, like in an elimination game, the game slows down into a half-court game more frequently.

And another reason may be because refs are know to call a lot of ticky-tack fouls — like Joey Crawford or Bill Kennedy — weren’t officiating this game.

Dallas had 3 missed travels that resulted in +4 points in their favor, and Miami had 5 missed travels that resulted in a 2-point advantage.

We’ll try to provide more details, including videos, over the next couple of days. It’s been a long, grueling playoffs for us at RefCalls, especially after pulling an all-nighter to get these important numbers (approximate) to you. So thanks for your patience as we drag ourselves across the finish line.

UPDATE: We have revised our preliminary numbers, as well as provided a video of the missed and wrong ref calls from this game, at this post.