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Heat-Mavericks (Game 4): Unique ref calls (good and bad) from the game

Below is a video of select calls from Game 4 that we didn’t include in the missed calls video we published earlier today, which are all pretty interesting in our mind. We agree with most of them, but there are two plays we reviewed that will slightly change some of the calculations we made earlier. Here are the two plays in question:

– At the 1:31 mark is when Dwyane Wade makes a spin move, goes up for a dunk, loses control of the ball in mid-air, then the ball drops through the basket without touching the rim. This appears to be legal since he didn’t “vibrate the rim, net or backboard so as to cause the ball to make an unnatural bounce.” So Wade is lucky that the ball didn’t touch the rim. However, a couple of seconds before Wade grabbed on to the rim, he made a spin move around his defender by lifting his pivot foot before releasing the ball. The refs missed this travel, so in essence, the basket by Wade shouldn’t have counted.

– At the 2:09 mark is the potential clear-path violation that the refs didn’t call on Miami’s Mike Miller when he made contact with Dallas’ Jason Kidd. After close review of the play and the rulebook, we believe the refs missed it since Kidd had control of the ball when he tapped it forward. The rulebook says a dribble can be a “tap” or a “throw” if the player is in “control” when he does it. Kidd appears to be fully in control of his body when he does “tap” it forward.

These two plays would revise our stats to the following for this game…

Non-traveling oriented violations missed or ruled incorrectly:

The refs missed or got wrong 10 calls that benefitted Miami (rather than 9), which resulted in 12 extra points (approximately) advantageous to the Heat (instead of 10). This is in comparison to the two missed or wrong calls that helped Dallas, resulting in 2 extra points (roughly speaking).

Number of missed travels:

Miami had 9 of these (instead of 8). Dwyane Wade had 6 of them, not 5. These 9 travels resulted in 7 points being scored by the Heat, which is one more than what Dallas scored (6) from missed travels.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    We don’t think so. The ball was halfway down the basket when the ball lightly grazed the rim. The key phrase is the “unnatural bounce” part. Once it grazed the rim, it didn’t bounce unnaturally That rim is pretty sturdy, so he would have to move it an inch or two to the side to get into the ball’s downward flight path, which would have been impossible.


    out of the 3 games Mavs won. Dirk nowitzki travels and gets uncalled on basically all the game winners.

    Game 2’s game winning layup.
    Game 4, his last layup.
    Game 5 3 step dunk when it was 100 100 turned 100 102.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      We would agree. We’ll be uploading the Game 5 travel in the next hour or so.

  • Tonyhawk_33

    For Wade’s spin move travel, the travel doesn’t occur at the point the pivot foot is lifted right? It’s when he puts it down again without letting go of the ball (in this case to start his dribble). That’s a pretty quick call to make, though the baseline ref should catch that.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      If he is just starting a dribble, then a travel occurs if he lifts his pivot foot off the floor before releasing the ball. If he has been dribbling or progressing already, lifts his pivot foot, and brings it back to the floor before passing or shooting, then it’s a travel.