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Heat-Mavericks Game 3 videos: wrong calls & no-calls (missed travels video later)

Below are the first two videos that feature the wrong and missed calls from Game 3 of the NBA Finals. These videos exclude the missed travels, which we are working on now, as well as a video of those calls we believe the refs got right that some people might have questioned.

Our new way of breaking up one large video into several smaller videos is taking longer than we anticipated, so thanks for your patience. We’ll continue to experiment on getting good content out on a timely basis.

In the first video, we have 4 clips of wrong or missed ref calls that benefitted Miami (in our last post we had stated 5, but have allocated one of those to Dallas since). These four calls resulted in 4 points being scored, approximately, by Miami during these possessions.

It wasn’t a good night for ref Scott Foster, who had 6 questionable foul calls, and Derrick Stafford, who had four. Usually you might get one ref who calls an inordinate amount of ticky-tack calls, but in this game, we had two (Foster and Stafford).

Below each video is a breakdown of all the clips in the video.

In the first video, we really appreciate the commentary that analyst Jeff Van Gundy provides in the last clip regarding players who flop on every play, and how he can’t understand how fellow commentators (Mark Jackson, Reggie Miller, just to name a few) think players SHOULD flop or sell calls. Bravo Van Gundy!

  1. The refs miss an offensive 3-second violation against Miami’s Chris Bosh.
  2. Ref Scott Foster will call a touch foul on Dallas’ Ian Mahinmi as Miami’s Udonis Haslem falls out out of bounds.
  3. The refs don’t call a foul on Miami’s Mario Chalmers when he arguably runs into Dallas’ Tyson Chandler.
  4. Ref Derrick Stafford will call a loose ball foul on Dallas’ Jason Kidd when it appeared Miami’s Dwyane Wade flopped.

In the second video (below) are 13 wrong or missed calls that benefitted Dallas (instead of 12, like we posted earlier today). Thirteen is a pretty wide disparity to the four that were missed to Miami’s advantage. However, it only resulted (roughly calculated) in 5 direct points that helped Dallas.

  1. Ref Scott Foster calls a foul on Miami’s Joel Anthony when it didn’t look like he made contact with Dallas’ Jason Terry.
  2. Ref Dan Crawford calls a questionable foul on Miami’s Mario Chalmers involving Dallas’ Jose Barea.
  3. Ref Derrick Stafford calls a foul on Miami’s LeBron James after Dallas’ DeShawn Stevenson flopped.
  4. Ref Dan Crawford calls a foul on Miami’s Mike Miller when it didn’t appear he hit Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.
  5. Ref Derrick Stafford calls a foul on Miami’s Mike Miller as he defends Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.
  6. Ref Dan Crawford doesn’t call a foul on Dallas’ Tyson Chandler when he puts his leg in Miami’s LeBron James‘ path, making him trip.
  7. Ref Derrick Stafford calls a foul on Miami’s Mike Bibby when there wasn’t much contact, if any, with Dallas’ Jose Barea.
  8. Ref Scott Foster calls a foul on Miami’s Mike Bibby when Dallas’ Jose Barea slips and falls.
  9. Ref Scott Foster calls a loose ball foul on Miami’s Udonis Haslem when it didn’t look like he made any contact.
  10. Ref Scott Foster calls a loose ball foul on Miami’s Udonis Haslem when it didn’t look like he made much, if any, contact with Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki.
  11. The refs miss a foul from Dallas’ Jason Kidd on Miami’s LeBron James when Kidd lightly hits James’ arm, making him lose control of the ball while everyone thought James lost the ball on his own and traveled.
  12. Ref Scott Foster calls a loose ball foul on Miami’s Udonis Haslem (again) when it didn’t look like he made much, if any, contact with Dallas’ Tyson Chandler.
  13. Ref Derrick Stafford makes a no-call when Dallas’ Shawn Marion appears to foul Miami’s LeBron James.
  • elheat

    What about the Bosh poke?

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      It’s coming in the traveling video because it took place a second right after he traveled, and wasn’t called. If they had called traveling, the poke wouldn’t have mattered. But we’ll show it in that video anyway.

  • Chaz M.

    Hey thanks for putting this together. I have a good idea why the refs called those fouls the way they did. Miller’s contact on Dirk’s arm is apparent after watching the alt-angle replay. It is not apparent that Kidd touched LeBron’s arm. (Need another camera angle.) Haslem had BOTH hands on Dirk’s back, pushing Dirk forward with both hands while Dirk had superior position on the rebound. Common foul call. LeBron’s shoulder/elbow into Stevenson is a legitimate foul call, not a flop. Even Shaq’s upper body would fly back after one of those. (Guys have been getting away with that against Barea all along.) Again, thanks for the work you do here. Glad I was able to clear things up!

    • Sean

      Uh, Mavs fan? Those loose ball foul calls on Haslem were terrible.

      • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

        Uh, it amazes us how people who think a site that calls out bad calls by refs on both teams thinks we’re rooting for one team over another. On top of that, uh, the loose ball fouls we feature that were wrongly called against Haslem would actually make Heat fans happy, not Mav fans.

        • Sean

          I was talking to Chaz with my Mavs fan comment, not to the site administrators (notice that my comment was in reply to his, not an original comment to the post). Chaz uses a matter of fact attitude to point out why those calls were wrong. My response was that he’s clearly a Mavs fan, since he helped “clear up” the calls that made the Mavs look bad.

          • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

            Sorry. Our bad. This moderation system doesn’t allow us to see who someone is responding to.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    Offensive 3 seconds doesn’t have anything to do with who is guarding you or if you pump fake. It’s either you’re in the lane, or you’re not. You’re thinking of defensive 3 seconds.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    We’ve noticed the same about Barea — sticking his chin and face in there to try to draw a foul.

    We’ll be putting the Chalmers video up after the traveling videos are posted, that we’re working on now. We’ve looked at it and he didn’t have his feet on the court when he caught the ball. But I know that video has been posted on YouTube all over the place if you want to check it out before we post it.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    Some people have asked for the point impact, so we thought it would be interesting to include, although we include the caveat all over the place that these numbers are “rough” or “approximate” for the same reasons you mention. At minimum, you can count up the points that were scored in those possessions after a call was missed that wouldn’t have been scored it the play had been blown dead, then adjust from there with variables that would require more in-depth analysis of other factors.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    It takes so much time to put these videos and descriptions together, including another layer of info would take even more time and put us way behind. But by publishing the clips in question, people inclined to dig deeper can go look at the play-by-play data on ESPN.com to see what happened after these plays and calculate it themselves to confirm our numbers, or make adjustments based on other factors.

    Those 2 FTs that LeBron would have got are factored into the 5 points.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    As you cite, the evidence is there that the refs might have been trying to keep Dallas in the game.

    Regarding the points, we use the words “approximate” and “rough” as a caveat since we realize there are many other factors like you mention, which we also mention in other comments to readers (BTW: we factor in the 2 supposed FTs that would have been scored on the Marion-LeBron play). But the number of “direct” points can still be calculated as a starting point by looking at points scored on a possession if the refs had blown the play dead because of a turnover resulting from the fouls they missed.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    It definitely it will be in the travel video.

  • Litanyshush

    Maybe it’s the lack of HD, but I don’t see proof of contact between Kidd and Lebron on play #11 where there was a called travel. It also doesn’t seem like Lebron lost control of the ball until a moment after that anyway.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      Yeah, it’s much more apparent in HD. Since a foul should have been called, even if that contact didn’t make him lose control of it (which we believe it did because it through off his rhythm), it should have stopped play before he lost control of it.

  • Ian

    It’s also important to note that the referee making alot of those bad calls was Scott Foster, made famous by the Gambling Referees case:

    NBA referee Tim Donaghy made repeated phone calls to a second referee at the same time he provided inside information to professional gamblers during the course of the 2006-2007 season, according to court documents and phone records obtained by FOXNews.com.The records show Donaghy placed 134 calls to referee Scott Foster — more than the 126 calls Donaghy made to his bookie — between October 2006 and April 2007, the period during which he has confessed to either betting on games or passing on game information to gamblers. The majority of the phone calls lasted no more than two minutes and occurred prior to and after games Donaghy officiated and on which he admits wagering.With the exception of 150 calls Donaghy placed to Thomas Martino, to whom he says he provided “picks” to win games and who was the middleman between the disgraced referee and a bookie named James Battista, the ex-ref phoned no one more than he called Foster. During this period, the most calls Donaghy made to any other referee were 13.[via FoxNews.com – July 14, 2008]

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      We read Donaghy’s book and we think he wrote that he felt really bad that he brought such scrutiny to Foster, and he felt really bad because Foster is a stand-up guy and that he had lied to him. It affected their friendship forever. However, I do think too many refs call ticky-tack fouls just because they are wired that way, but should be de-programmed to let more contact happen before calling a foul.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    Thanks for the compliment. Indeed, it is a tremendous amount of work with no life these day.

    We counted 1 in the 2Q and 4 in the 4Q for a total of 5. What you’re considering as your bad calls may be different than ours, though.