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Mavericks-Heat (NBA Finals game 1): Wrong calls affect Dallas more than Miami

UPDATE: We noticed on Thursday morning that our video has been taken down by YouTube. It makes you wonder if the NBA feels a little threatened by our work since there are thousands of YouTube videos with NBA footage in them that continue to run. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we’ve posted on our home page a new video — along with stats — that includes all the calls from game, including the 1st half, that we have reviewed in detail. Here’s the link if you’re not reading this on our home page.

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  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    We never say “before releasing a shot,” but before releasing the ball, which isn’t always a shot. Your note about pivot foot RETURNING to the floor is when a player is progressing (p. 37 of rulebook). When starting a dribble (not progressing), it says right below it in the rulebook, “the ball must be out of the player’s hand before the pivot foot is raised off the floor.” So I think we’re on the same page, but both of us need to be more explicit on what the player is doing — starting a dribble, or progressing. We’ll hold up our end of that bargain in the future. Just not enough room on these screens to go into that kind of detail sometimes and put it on one screen.

    • C2e

      Sorry, I was referring to #3 where Haywood is releasing the ball for a shot, not a dribble. NBA rules state in Sec.XIV, g:  “If a player, with the ball in his possession, raises his pivot foot off the floor, he must pass or shoot before his pivot foot returns to the floor.” This rule (“g”) says nothing about progressing. So #3 is not a travel per your rationale.

      I fully agree that ball must be out of the player’s hand to start the dribble before pivot foot is raised off the floor. In fact, my pet peeve is when the player catches the ball, pivots to square up to the defender, then takes his first step on the dribble with the pivot foot..should be an automatic travel call (bad footwork!). Yet, this is rarely called. Watch how many times it occurs in NBA and College games. Clearly, the officials are no longer focusing on the establishment of the pivot foot. This should be the first thing they look for on the catch.

      Not trying to give you a hard time, just looking for technical correctness.

      • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

        By progressing, I mean dribbling or just completed dribbling and stopped (“with the ball in his possession”). Anyhow, it’s a travel on Haywood because in laymen’s terms, it’s a “shuffling of the feet,” but we don’t like to use terms that are not in the rulebook because people interpret it in different ways, so we try to explain it through rule language. He lifted his pivot foot and returned it to the floor before releasing the ball. But it’s definitely a travel. It’s hard to see in the video because the view is blocked when he shuffles his pivot foot, but it’s there.

        Regarding your second comment, we agree and describe and show it alot of lifted pivot foots before balls are released in one of our first videos at http://refcalls.com/missed-travels. It’s definitely a joke how the refs don’t even pay attention to it most of the time.

        • Meh

          It’s really infuriating seeing pro ballers ignoring something as fundamental as not lifting your pivot before releasing the ball. Even more infuriating is the fact that NBA refs don’t seem to care about some of the most basic traveling rules. In 20 years it’s gonna be figure skating with a ball all for the sake of entertainment. :/

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    Yeah, we checked the play-by-play and saw they called it on Marion and will correct it. But we see that contact from Marion being just as light from Nowitzki’s. Now the contact that Marion had on LeBron’s head at the 1:44 mark of the 4Q was definitely deserving of a foul (much harder) that the refs didn’t call.

    • TheObserver


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Perry/722581278 Joshua Perry

    Tim Donaghey does this for Deadspin, can you retort based on his observations?

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      I remember he did that last year. I’ve checked out his remarks, and we think we’re catching more, but in all fairness, we probably aren’t on an earlier deadline like he is, so we’re taking more time, but we’re also explaining our findings in one video, which is much more time consuming to edit, but easier for viewers to see everything consolidated into one experience, rather than having to read it, then play a separate video to see the action.

  • Monkey1371

    I would like to see you analyze the foul called on Haslem at 1:36 of the 4th versus Dirk…..Seems like a glaring omission in the analysis.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      We agreed with it. Haslem pushed him just enough in the lower body. Like we’ve said many times, we don’t have time to include every call that we agree with. We’d never be able to get these videos out.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    We explain in other posts/videos it’s a combination of things: fast speed of action, bad training, unwillingness of refs to get booed, “omission bias.”

    We knew it would happen at some point, but there are thousands of other Youtube accounts with NBA videos, so it makes us think we have their attention, which is a good thing. We’ll try to figure out another solution. We’re planning on uploading a new video that will include 1st half ref calls in a couple of hours. We’ll see what happens with that one.

  • Shawn Collenburg

    99% of the NBA videos on YouTube are legitimately infringing copyright (since they are just copies w/ any commentary) so the league office probably has no experience telling the difference between infringing and fair use. That said, search Ars Technica for “takedown” for a loong list of invalid takedowns. Check out chillingeffects.org also.

    Best of luck, and if the NBA keeps filing invalid notices do know you have the right to sue *them* under DMCA!

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    We took a look at it and ruled it wasn’t a travel. He didn’t progress with the ball when standing straight up, and he didn’t have control of the ball before then.