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Missed travels from Game 3 & 4 of Bulls-Heat series

You may recall how we haven’t covered yet most of the missed travels from Games 3 & 4 of the Chicago-Miami series simply because there were so many of them, there’s not enough time to include them in each game’s video summary before needing to move on to the next game.

However, we’ve decided to feature those missed travels in a separate video, which is below. As you can imagine, it’s very time-consuming to break them down in slow-motion (about 3-4 times longer), but it’s essential to prove the point.

We’ll work on the final game of the Dallas-OKC series next, but wanted to get this video out first before Game 5 of tonight’s Bulls-Heat game. We also imagine there are lots of Dallas fans who are interested in seeing what their next opponent does from a traveling perspective that the refs don’t call.

Here’s a summary of the travels in the video above (7 in Game 3, 10 in Game 4):

LeBron James – 6
Derrick Rose – 6
Dwyane Wade – 2
Chris Bosh – 2
Joakim Noah – 1

Game 3:

  • 0:07 – Miami’s LeBron James
  • 0:26 – Chicago’s Joakim Noah
  • 0:59 – Chicago’s Derrick Rose
  • 2:15 – Chicago’s Derrick Rose
  • 2:35 – Miami’s Chris Bosh
  • 3:17 – Miami’s LeBron James
  • 3:46 – Chicago’s Derrick Rose

Game 4

  • 4:20 – Chicago’s Derrick Rose (includes a wrong foul call by ref Bennett Salvatore on Miami’s Mario Chalmers
  • 5:53 – Miami’s Dwyane Wade
  • 6:20 – Chicago’s Derrick Rose
  • 7:05 – Miami’s LeBron James
  • 7:57 – Miami’s LeBron James
  • 8:22 – Miami’s Dwyane Wade
  • 8:49 – Chicago’s Derrick Rose
  • 9:11 – Miami’s Chris Bosh
  • 9:41 – Miami’s LeBron James
  • 10:14 – Miami’s LeBron James

Note: we cut down the number we originally had (20+) to 17 of the more obvious travels.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, you can interpret Rose’s “high” dribbling technique as him still being in the process of completing his dribble.  Since that term as you’ve well established is loosely defined, you could say his dribble isn’t complete until it is at the high point while it bounces back up.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      The “high point” is too subjective. It should be objective. We provide the reasoning why it needs to be objective, and a suggestion, in the middle of the post at http://refcalls.com/rule-issues.

  • ivrs7737

    Isn’t the completition of the dribble and the “1st step” for Rose at least just him bring his foot down, which was in the air previously, and not a completely new step? Also likewise in those videos you count “3rd step” with him again put a leg that is already in the air as a step?

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      We call the first step you mention a “half step,” but a “half step” is still a step in our mind. Only counting a step as one that is the full motion of the leg is way too forgiving. Right now some announcers and even refs call this half step a “gather” step, and will go to great lengths to say it’s allowed when our analysis of the rulebook doesn’t support it. So even refs and announcers acknowledge you can’t count a full step like you asked because it would be giving the player way too much of an advantage over the defender.

      If we say something is a “3rd step,” then they obviously had a second step before it, and that 3rd step is the full motion of a leg (the foot rising and landing on the floor).

  • Shawn Collenburg

    “Note how the announcers don’t say anything” — I find more than anything they usually praise the player for the move. Watching the Rose crossover [carry] + 3 steps I can hear Marv Albert in my head “What an AMAZING move by Rose to blow by the defense!”

    My biggest objection to how the Association is referring travel calls (“don’t whistle a travel on highlight reel plays”) is the unwritten guidelines are exceedingly subjective, making it impossible to call a game fairly.

    I figure the Finals will pretty much come down to how travels are called — if the refs [continue to] swallow their whistles & let LBJ + Wade run around in the paint, the Heat win.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      We agree! Good analysis.

  • Guest

    Even though I understand that you’re trying to write these posts from a higher standard, I dont really mind if say rose/lbj gets the same amount of travels effectively cancelling each other out. However they really need to stamp out the 4 step moves which are obvious at real time. Also how certain players get more lee-way with the half step/pivot step is not great either as they dont call something all game; when a bench guy comes in and does it its immediately called….