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Bulls-Heat (Game 3): So many calls, and so little time to capture them all

There were so many calls and no-calls to review from last night’s Chicago-Miami game, it took longer than normal to go through them all. For example, we counted at least 10 travels that were missed by the refs (due to frequent violators like Derrick Rose, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade playing in the same game), but because it takes so much time to edit and include them in a video, we might create a separate video later that just focuses on those travels.

In the meantime, here are most of the non-traveling related calls and no-calls we found that were significant, or interesting.

In this video, you’ll see the following:

  • Ref Ron Garretson correctly calls back an inbounds pass from Dwyane Wade since the ball accidentally grazed Garretson’s fingers resulting in a turnover for the Heat. But Garretson should have called a foul on Taj Gibson for extending part of his body over the boundary line, which isn’t allowed according to the rulebook.
  • Ref Ron Garretson calls a ticky-tack foul on Chicago’s Carlos Boozer in defending Miami’s Chris Bosh.
  • Chicago’s Keith Bogans is fouled by Miami’s Dwayne Wade as Bogans goes into his shooting motion (which is the correct call), but Bogans arguably traveled, which was missed.
  • Chicago’s Carlos Boozer uses elbow to clear out space on Miami’s Udonis Haslem, but the refs didn’t call an offensive foul on Boozer.
  • Ref Steve Javie calls a foul on Chicago’s Ronnie Brewer when it looked like Miami’s Mario Chalmers was just jumping into the air to avoid colliding into his teammate, or was flopping. Wrong call by Javie.
  • Chicago’s Carlos Boozer seems to set an illegal screen on Miami’s Mike Miller, but no foul was called.
  • Miami’s Ronnie Brewer will fall hard on Miami’s Mike Miller in the scramble for a loose ball, but no foul is called.
  • Ref Mike Callahan will wrongly call an offensive charge against Chicago’s Carlos Boozer when he drives to the basket and contact is made with Miami’s Udonis Haslem, even though one of Haslem’s feet was in the restricted area.
  • Ref Ron Garretson calls a foul on Chicago’s Kyle Korver when it looks like Korver got “all ball” on a block of Miami’s LeBron James.
  • The refs will miss a shooting foul from Miami’s Mike Bibby on Chicago’s Joakim Noah.
  • Ref Steve Javie will correctly call an offensive foul on Chicago’s Luol Deng, but with the help of a sell/flop from Miami’s LeBron James.
  • Ref Ron Garretson will incorrectly call a moving screen on Chicago’s Joakim Noah when it appeared he was established before Miami’s Mike Bibby ran into him.
  • Ref Ron Garretson will call a ticky-tack foul on Miami’s Chris Bosh involving Chicago’s Carlos Boozer.
  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    We saw Deng lower his shoulder a bit, but we can agree to disagree.

  • Shawn Collenburg

    Hey RC staff any hope of getting the game 3 travels up? I’m pretty sure I saw a few 4-step gems from LBJ, was hoping to see if you guys saw the same under slow motion.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      What we’re planning on doing is create a special post where we will show the travels from Games 3 and 4 together so people can see them all in one stream. It’s really time-consuming to include all the missed travels from each game with the 3 players playing in these games (James, Wade, Rose). So after we’re done with posting the Game 4 ref calls (working on it now), then we plan to create this special “traveling” post from Games 3 & 4, hopefully before Game 5 (after we cover the Dallas-OKC game). There are over 22 travels from both games we have to prepare, so it’s a handful.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    Then people would complain we’re not analyzing enough and being lazy, or missing too much. We realize this isn’t a perfect science, but gets close based on the video we are allowed to see.

  • NO-CHI

    Well, looking at the calls it’s no wonder it seemed like Chicago couldn’t do anything. Plus, I think the bad calls that benefited the Bulls were makeup calls. 

    If Rondo drawing blood on Brad Miller wasn’t worth a Flagrant. And plus the refs originally called Rondo throwing Hinrich into the Scorer’s table a Flagrant 2 but then downgraded it to Flagrant 1. 

    Keeping that in mind, neither of Carlos Boozer’s Flagrant Fouls can keep their status as Flagrant Fouls. Boozer didn’t aim at the head and couldn’t have caused an injury.

    I like to apply this formula for a bad call involving a premier player. 

     “Would Player X (the easiest player to use in the league to compare to the Superstar due to height, weight, build, range, skill set, etc.) be able perform to same action and get the same result?” 

    99% of the time the answer is No.

    Of course, the team that seems to suffer the most when it comes to bad calls favoring the other team is New Orleans Hornets. 
    I’ve seen them be on the receiving end of so many bad calls when playing against the big market teams it is ridiculous.