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Thunder @ Mavericks (Game 1): select 2nd half ref calls, and the Joe Crawford Show continues

We always knew Joe (a.k.a. “Joey”) Crawford called a lot of ticky-tack fouls and allegedly loves to be part of the “show” (remember when he gave a technical to Tim Duncan for laughing FROM THE BENCH, and Crawford was suspended for having such thin skin?). Well, Crawford is up to his old tricks, calling fouls on every little thing, as seen in some of the clips in this video.

In this video, you’ll see the following clips:

  • Ref Joe Crawford calls a phantom foul on Tyson Chandler involving Kevin Durant
  • Ref Joe Crawford calls a ticky-tack foul on Durant, who appeared to get “all ball” to deflect a pass into Dirk Nowitzki
  • Ref Bill Kennedy calls a ticky-tack foul on Kevin Durant trying to defend Nowitzki in the post
  • Ref Joe Crawford calls a phantom defensive 3-second foul on Kendrick Perkins way before the 3 seconds were up
  • Ref Joe Crawford calls a ticky-tack foul on Thabo Sefolosha trying to defend Nowitzki in the post
  • A missed travel of Kevin Durant that all the refs missed (from the 2nd quarter)
  • Pessimism

    These three-step travels have done irreparable damage to the league. We’re fast approaching AND1 territory.

    • JumboJet

       And here I thought the league was more popular than ever before, with a boon of talent and interest worldwide (at least according to David Stern, but what would he know?)

      • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

        Hitler was popular in his day, too.  ;-) The point is that you can’t look at the amount of money a sport (or industry) makes to determine integrity.  Look at the Internet boom in the late 1990’s, followed by a bust.  Look at the housing boom in the 2000’s, followed by a bust.  The integrity of the sport that is over 100 years old is being compromised and cheapened by looking the other way.  Integrity matters to basketball purists, and to fans who want the game to be called fairly.

        • JumboJet

          Godwin’s Law!

          Anyway, I think the problem with your scenario is that while the housing market sold Houses, the NBA doesn’t actually sell basketball.  They sell entertainment, which by judging by popularity is at an all time high. 

          I know there are people out there who dislike the way travels aren’t called, that much is obvious.  But are you really suggesting that more people will stop watching next year or the year after because guys like Dirk got an extra step while making a play that will be featured on sportscenter and nobody in the media seems to have a problem with? 

          • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

            The NBA is also one of the most important stewards for the sport of basketball, and have a responsibility to maintain and improve the integrity of the sport and not sell-out for the almighty dollar.  What we’re suggesting is that the “truth” should be known (“The truth shall set you free”), and once people know the truth, many of them will realize the NBA is running a pretty loose ship and they need to tighten things up.  There is always room for improvement.  The media has been pretty lazy in not deciphering the inconsistencies with the refs and the rulebook like we have done.  After all, most of them have an incentive to keep feeding the machine that feeds them, so why rock the boat?  But most changes occur at the grassroots level.  I think most people have learned over the past few years you can’t trust the media.  People who just follow what the media tells them are what some call “lemmings” or “useful idiots.”

          • JumboJet

             You are still implying a problem where I think none exists.  Are you saying you believe that there is a substantial portion of the population that is out there saying “Even though I’m watching more basketball than the past 5 years, I’m liking it less and I don’t know why?  If only somebody would come along and educate me?”

            The ‘stewards of the game’ argument was also probably made when A)the NBA introduced the shot clock, B)the NBA widened the lane, and C)Jackie Robinson started playing in the Majors.  Just because something has changed from the way it was doesn’t inherently make it bad, and I think if you started polling people what a travel *should* be, you would probably get different results that you believe.

          • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

             No, we’re not saying that.  For lot of problems most people don’t even think about, or they ignore the fundamentals because they are swayed or dazzled by hype (Internet boom, housing boom, etc).  When they are confronted with a choice to ignore or to take heed, it’s their choice.  But at least they are glad that someone has brought the issue to their attention they never even thought about.  You may ignore it, although we’re fascinated that perhaps you see something here you like because you keep coming back to the site and contributing.  So you may be on the fence about it, or completely disagree, which is fine.  By having this dialogue, it may enlighten you.  But we honestly don’t have time to continue having a long dialogue with one person at a time like we’ve been having with you (no offense, we just have to move on).  This is going to be a numbers game where over thousands of people, more people than you may think might develop over time to make this a growing movement for change to take place.  Your viewpoint is limited because we get lots of emails and see posts from plenty of folks who like what we’re  proposing, so we think you are in the minority.  Anyhow.

            One final note: those rule changes you suggested occurred after thoughtful discussion about the impact it would have on the game.  The changes we have been talking about have occurred without any official change, but just a laziness among the stewards of the game to let things fly and have them interpreted loosely without any rigor.  It’s like the police taking the law into their own hands and not following the law.  When that occurs in a community, there is an uproar.  But that kind of stuff gets publicity.  This kind of thing doesn’t.  We would love for some type of discussion of this to take place at a league/owner level when the next rulebook changes are discussed and considered.

          • JumboJet

            I still think your Basketball Bubble analogy is off base because I still doubt that the value of watching NBA Basketball will decline over an extra step.

            You are right though that I keep coming back here because I see something in this site.  For a long time as a fan I’d see calls I’d hate and wonder if the ref’s were really wrong or if I was just some whiny biased fan-boy.  In recent years, it has seemed that the calls have gotten worse and still I’d wonder.  I wished that some outside source or website would come along and actually break down what was being called without fear of NBA reprisal.  So, I have to salute you for taking this economic risk and sacrificing your spare time to argue here with me.  I’m sorry if you feel like I’ve monopolized too much of your time, but know that I at least appreciate having this dialogue instead of being ignored for believing different than you.

            You say that my viewpoint is limited, and that many others agree with you about traveling being a scourge to the NBA.  I can’t speak to your emails, but I don’t think there are that many in the comments who mention it.  Still, if you who disagree with me are out there, feel free to speak up and argue with me.  Having a back and forth is a lot more gratifying than shouting on deaf ears in a comment section.

          • JumboJet

            As far as your final note…did you know in Florida, its illegal for an unmarried man and woman to cohabitate?  Or that in Alabama, it is illegal to play games on a Sunday with a penalty of 3 months hard labor?  This country is filled with cases of laws which may have made sense when they were passed that no longer make sense today and although they remain on our books it is up to the executive branch (in Basketball’s case, the head of Officials and/or David Stern), to choose to enforce them, and if people disagree they can vote them out, (or in the NBA’s case, just stop watching.  I still find that scenario hard to believe).

          • JumboJet

            You also aren’t proposing real change, rather a change back to the way things were according to the rules.  Real change would be to rewrite the rulebook to include language up or down as far as a gather step (or even, just make 3 steps legal?).

          • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

            There was nothing wrong with how the game was invented when it comes to one of the most fundamental aspects of the game. Lane changes, shot clock, replays…fine. DRIBBLING THE BALL — non-negotiable to most basketball fans who don’t want their sport bastardized to some And1 tournament. If you want streetball, go watch And1, not the NBA.

          • JumboJet

            I’m not advocating the removal of dribbling, just a redefining of it, much like how the 3 point line redefined how much a field goal was worth.  I do believe that we will never see eye to eye on this though.

  • j0Shi

    Again: That foul on Chandler is a bad call. That three second violation as well. Regarding the three so called “ticky-tacks”: The Thunder knew the refs “style” at that point. No need to constantly go for the ball and be overly aggressive. I’d strictly blame the players and coaching staff for not adjusting to the officiating. I can understand their frustration but that’s on them.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      It’s not all on the players or teams — these refs were hypersensitive to contact on Nowitzki more than we’ve seen from other games.  That’s why we pointed them out — they were beyond the norm.

  • Ayn Rand

    where was that potentially game changing rebound foul call on Marion or the amazing dribbling out of bound by Durant no call.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

       Where is your contribution to the RefCalls.com/forums where we ask people to contribute bad calls they see?

  • Bassvessel

    if crawford continues to call this series like this its going to be unwatchable 

  • Whatever


    I like you guys invent rules up and call things you can’t even see on the screen as being there with no proof, and then you say calling “ticky tack things” by the rulebook is a bad call? ROFLMOa. You guys are either OKC homers or dirk haters.