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Bulls-Hawks (Game 6): Bad game overall, but at least a few calls to feature

If you watched the Chicago-Atlanta game last night, which eliminated the Hawks from the playoffs, it wasn’t that great of a game to watch since Chicago seemed to have it in the bag most of the game. We had a hard time finding any calls worth mentioning, but found a couple, which include:

– A walk by Joakim Noah that happens right in front of the refs in near slow-motion, and no ref catches it
– A block by Zaza Pachulia on Derrick Rose that the ref Bob Delaney (#26) easily missed
– A flop from Keith Bogans that was so over-the-top, the ref must have blown off the contact because of such bad acting
– A hilarious flop from Omar Asik after a slight push from Pachulia

  • Anonymous

    Asik was just hilarious.  But notice it’s not the referee 5 feet away with a perfect view of Asik that calls the foul but a ref halfway across the court with little or no visibility of the paint.  These refs need to learn to stick to their own areas and trust each other to make the proper calls.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      Yeah, that seems to happen more than one would expect.  We don’t mind if refs help each other, even if they aren’t as close to the violation as another ref (since they can sometimes be shielded or blocked from a view), but you would expect if one ref saw a violation from a farther distance, the ref who is closer that isn’t blocked from seeing the play will also blow their whistle and raise their hand at the same time.

      It goes to show just how all over the map these refs are in calling (or not calling) the same violation that they both see (that you would expect) at the same time.  Scary.