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Heat-Celtics (Game 3): Refs not a problem, except for this one no-call hard to miss

We’ve been on a streak of good officiating where there hasn’t been any major blown calls that had a huge impact on the outcome of a game. After all, we’ve now got the “best” referees as graded by the league officiating the four series currently being played. We’ve also had games that haven’t been that close in the 3rd and 4th quarters, so the stakes haven’t been as high for a call or no-call to affect the outcome.

For Saturday’s games between Oklahoma City and Memphis, although it was a close game that went into overtime, there really wasn’t a bad ref call or no-call that could have changed the outcome. Same goes for Miami-Boston. We thought the play where Rajon Rondo fell to the floor with Dwyane Wade and dislocated his elbow was more of an accident where a no-call was the right call to make.

The only other call/no-call that stood out was in the 3rd quarter involving Ray Allen taking a shot, and obviously getting fouled by Wade, but there was no call.

  • http://profiles.google.com/dary.merckens Dary Merckens

    That was a miserable no-call. Allen was clearly hacked.

    Also, didn’t they call a personal on Wade on the Rondo play? I’m pretty sure they did. That should have been a no-call, though, I thought.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      Jeff Van Gundy says in the video (at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfCMqT05No8) that they called a personal on Wade. If they did, we think it should have been a no-call, too, since both players were kind of going it applying alot of contact on each other.

  • @godvsyou

    I’m fckn DISGUSTED by this! Rajon RIPS(steals) the ball from wade(the nba’s new beeyatch) and to stop him from breaking down court wade hooks him,HOOKS HIM under the leg and CRADLE PINS HIM like its a wrestling match. That alone would be a foul,but then the injury in itself should have caused it to be flagrant or atleast result in a fine or suspension!!! Let wade had of been Rasheed and Rajon be Tim Duncan,they would of probably filed criminal charges,respond!!!

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      Yeah, it completely sucks that Rondo got hurt on that play. We looked at it over and over, and unfortunately we have to go with what the announcers’ sentiment by not seeing enough from Wade that’s intentional to warrant a flagrant. Rondo could have been culpable, too, because arguably he had his right arm hooking Wade, along with some action from Rondo’s left arm around Wade’s waist that may have caused Wade to fall. We thought Wade did bring his left leg underneath Rondo to make him fall backwards, and if Rondo hadn’t been doing stuff with his arms on Wade, then it would have definitely been a bush league play, deserving of a flagrant.

      Usually flagrants are pretty obvious and everyone knows it, and even the announcers (as bad as they can be sometimes) will say something, and the league will look at the tape and issue a flagrant after the game is over (kind of like what happened with Kobe, who didn’t get preferential star treatment when he whacked Emeka Okafor in the head in the Laker-Hornets series). I think Rondo got real unlucky by breaking his fall in a terrible way, getting him hurt.

      Here’s the video of the play in question if you want to check it out again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfCMqT05No8