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Celtics-Heat (Game 2): Tough calls hard to judge at real speed examined

Last night’s Boston-Miami game had more consequential calls and no-calls than Memphis-Oklahoma City, which wasn’t as close until the end, so we’ll focus on some of the calls from that game that were difficult to assess at real speed.

The play that Dwyane Wade had with his “crossover” in front of Kevin Garnett for a bucket looked spectacular and got everyone excited in the crowd and on the bench. It almost looked too good to be true at the time, making you ask, “How did he do that?”

Well, we slowed down the tape, and like several calls we’ve examined, it was a travel based on how the rules are written (check out this piece for a thorough analysis on why we think plays like this are traveling — scroll down to section 1 in bold font). It makes sense since he went all the way from the “elbow” of the lane, faked out Garnett, and got to the rim. Is that really possible to do in just two steps? Our analysis shows that it isn’t if you follow the letter of the rule book.

We’ve also included a couple of other calls that were pretty difficult to assess at real speed.

  • username

    I thought the James Jones foul on Rondo called at the end of the first half was pretty terrible. Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVvzC_sZpvY#t=2m11s

    Also, correction: If it looks too good to be true, it probably *is*.

  • JumboJet

    I still say they should change the rules and add the gather step. Its both A) how the game is called and B) a contributor to exciting plays that get the people excited. I’m with you on both of the other plays. In my heart, if Lebron doesn’t spin right there he gets called with the charge.

  • Stu

    rondoh flopped if you can’t see that better go back to making expresso

  • http://profiles.google.com/dary.merckens Dary Merckens

    Rondo’s collapse on the LeBron spin: flop. Rondo diving into Chalmers: flop. Chalmers flying off Garnett’s elbow: flop.

    The amount of flopping is getting ridiculous. I wish these all would have been no-calls like the LeBron move. It’s the NBA playoffs. Let them play.

    Speaking of which, how exciting was the early going of the Grizzlies – Thunder game (before the Thunder ran away with it)? Did you see how much contact the refs were allowing? It was incredible. Felt like the good old days. So much fun to watch.