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Mavericks-Lakers (Game 1): Some tough calls, with one that could have gone either way

Last night’s Dallas-LA Laker game was much more eventful from a ref call perspective in comparison to Atlanta-Chicago, so we’ll focus on a few calls from that game.

Remember that we’re not picking sides, but just featuring some tough calls where some refs are prone to call fouls more than others in the same situation. The first clip is fairly obvious, with the last play possibly going either way.

  • Rick (C2E)

    When you get a chance check out the pushing, holding, flinging and ‘rooting out’ action during FT rebound positioning that led to technical fouls on both Chandler and Dirk.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      Will do. We know in the playoffs the action gets more intense. On the play that Charles Barkley said was Ron Artest pushing Dirk Nowitzki under the basket, we really didn’t think it was that bad. But we’ll keep looking for it.

  • j0Shi


    Bynum takes two steps into Kidd and that frees up Kobe for the last shot. Your take?

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      Thanks for this. Definitely a moving screen. We’ll log it into our database.

    • Pessimism

      That’s about as blatant a moving screen as is physically possible. Good catch.

      • Derambe

        and Dallas had none during the game, go fuck yourself.

    • papant7

      it was actually odom

      • dubious

        number 17 is not odom, thats bynum.

  • Pessimism

    The last play here is good officiating. Bryant appears to purposely trip himself in an attempt to get to the free throw line. Notice how his arms are in flail mode prior to stumbling. There is no reason for both of his arms to be out like that when trying to receive a hand-off in such close quarters.

    He flails his arms out, then drags his right foot into his left ankle, then adds two theatrical head bobs on his descent to the floor (to try to sell the contact). Shameful attempt, rightly ignored.

    • what?

      lmao, he tripped himself. He couldn’t possibly have just been running a curl and tripped, which can happen when someone is restricting your movement while holding you. his arms couldn’t have been reacting to trying to free himself with a more wild movement since he’s being held. he flopped and should have been ignored.

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