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Monday’s games free of controversy, but here’s a couple of more questionable calls from Sunday

On Monday’s games, there weren’t really any game-changing calls that would have affected the outcome of any game, were controversial, or things we caught that others might have missed. One good thing about the playoffs is that the refs who are still officiating are the best of the lot.

That doesn’t mean there are occasional errors or blown calls/no-calls, though. Since we have some extra time, we thought we’d go back to the Lakers-Hornets game from Sunday night and highlight a couple of calls/no-calls that were significant.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JuanAntonioGonzalo Ben Billa

    Monday’s calls were without controversy? Perhaps you think that because the league hid the Blazers-Mavs on NBA tv and used the mavs commentators, so the MANY no-calls and bad calls against the Blazers were ignored.

  • DJ Qube

    Again, another head scratching selection of calls from the Lakers / Hornets series. I see the “goaltending” tag and say to myself, “finally, a bad call that went the way of the Hornets is being analyzed here”, since the referees missed a huge goaltend from the Hornets.

    But the goaltend being questioned in your video is a textbook example of a goaltend! I don’t even see how this is debatable since the ball was clearly still over the rim! Even if the ball may have gone out, the ball is over the cylinder when it was touched.

    Please take a look here at the 1:38 mark here for an egrigious missed goaltending call in the same game….


    I don’t see why you would spend time discussing the particular goaltend in your video when there are much more controversial calls of the same nature in the same game.

  • Rguy777

    How in heaven’s name do they not call a flagrant on Kobe Bryant when he practically beheaded Okafor? He was NOT going for the ball. You don’t pull your elbow down like he did if you’re trying to block a shot.

    BS. Double standard.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      The refs blew it during the game, but the day after the league assessed a flagrant on him. Better late than never, we guess.