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Grizzlies-Spurs (Game 2): Was this a charge or block? Plus, a good no-call on major flop

For a game that was relatively close Wednesday night between San Antonio and Memphis, fortunately we didn’t see any terrible calls down the stretch that would have changed the outcome of the game.

However, we did want to feature one foul in the 3rd quarter that we thought was very questionable. Check it out in the video below and see if you agree with referee Leon Wood (#40). We know many of you will say there were many more questionable calls than this, but we have to pick-and-choose one of the best, okay?

In the second clip, we feature an Oscar-winning performance by Memphis forward Shane Battier, which the refs correctly called as a no-call.

While checking these clips out, also listen to the overflowing remarks about Manu Ginobili from Spurs’ broadcasters Bill Land and former player Sean Elliott. It was drooling remarks like these the whole game that prompted ESPN.com’s Bill Simmons to tweet what’s posted below the video player. (We just had to throw it in there).

Bill Simmons’ tweets about the Spurs’ announcers 4/20/11

  • DJ Qube

    Agree wholeheartedly on the first call here. There needs to be a lot more “no calls” in the NBA. Young’s feet were set, and Ginobili used the elbow, but it wasn’t so egregious that it would warrant an offensive foul. Young stopped in time to avoid the block, and Ginobili got around him without truly hooking him. Should be a no call.

    As far as the flop, I don’t think it’s as bad as you’re making it out to be. The change in direction of the play was so quick, and Battier was almost at top speed and didn’t turn his head to see the screen until it was way too late. I’m pretty sure Battier didn’t think there was anyone behind him and Ginobili. The only reason McDyess was in the back court still is because he slips going for the rebound beforehand, and the contact is real. You can see Battier’s head snap back. He flies to the side because he makes a last second attempt to change direction before the impact.

    If you want to see what a REAL flop looks like, just tune in to a Hornets game.

    • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

      Oh, that flop by Battier was hilarious, and I’m a big Battier fan. He actually saw McDyess ahead of him and you could see his brain thinking, “How can I use him to try to nullify this layup that Ginobili is going to make since there’s no way I can catch him.” We were going to put an arrow where Battier’s eyes are actually looking at McDyess for a moment, but we thought it was too obvious.

      Then when Battier “hits” McDyess, he actually wraps his arms around McDyess’ body all the way around his back. When you legitimately hit someone and you don’t see them in your view, your arms are not prepared to wrap around the object you hit — they are in a very awkward position to where you can actually hurt your arms or wrists. To avoid that kind of injury, Battier got them out of the way of being crushed by wrapping them around McDyess’s body, as well as provide a little bit of dramatic flair…so he knew exactly what he was doing.

      Even when he “fell” to the ground, you can tell he was saying, “Let me get one of these arms flailing around for dramatic effect,” and then he landed just perfectly to where there’s no way he could get hurt. It was all premeditated.

      I’ve been watching Battier for years in Houston, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flop as good (and laughable) as that one. Definitely a Top Flop!

  • Pessimism

    Ginobili and Battier should be ashamed of themselves. They should be. They clearly aren’t as they’ve both been making a mockery of the league for years. Pitiful.

  • Blah127

    should have been a no call. Manu did not use elbow to clear out. should have been a no call though.

  • m morales

    this is a quintessential “slip play”… its either an offensive foul on ginobli or no-call. defender is legal, then ginobli attempts to avoid contact and makes contact with the right shoulder of def. official should be thinking.. “was the contact marginal or illegal?” if he deems it was marginal then there should be a no call. if its illegal then we have an offensive foul. 

    my gut tells me the league would deem this illegal contact. 

    just a question.. how are you involved in the game of basketball? fan, player, coach, referee, coordinator of some sort? i just want to know where youre coming from in your thought process? i appreciate your effort and all the time you put in this. your passion is in the right place, its just that your knowledge about certain rules and interpretations are lacking a bit.