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Tweet us bad & missed calls you see with #refcalls

In addition to the RefCalls forum where you can post information about bad calls and no-calls you see in games, we’re going to also try Twitter as a way for you to provide the same kind of info. Just use #refcalls, and it will get to us. You’ll also see it appear in the Twitter widget in the sidebar of our site to the right.

Here’s a sample format you can use that provides us the info we need, starting with the game, the quarter, the time on the clock, the players involved, and what happened.

POR-DAL 1Q 7:48 – Dirk fouled by Aldridge but no call. #refcalls

That only took 64 characters. Feel free to use your remaining characters to provide more info, or just vent!

Remember as we mention in our “Report a call” video at RefCalls.com/report that we won’t be able to feature all of these bad calls on the home page because there are so many questionable calls and no-calls in a game to post.

But we will take your info, research it, and log it into a database so that we can eventually run some reports on the data we collect that will give us a better glimpse at which refs are good or bad.

And don’t forget you can also Tweet flops you see players do on the court by using the hashtag #topflops that we could feature on our sister site TopFlops.com.

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