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Knicks-Celtics (Game 1): Two bad calls at end of game doom Knicks

It was not a good ending for the Knicks against Boston in Game 1 of their series Sunday night. It wasn’t a great ending for referee Monty McCutchen (#13), either.

In the video below, you’ll see that McCutchen gets duped by Paul Pierce on one of the most effective flops we have seen in a late-game situation. From the first angle, you’ll see that it looks like Carmelo Anthony pushed off on a very important possession with the Knicks leading by only one point with 22 seconds remaining in the game.

But when you watch the second angle of the play, you’ll see that Anthony’s arm motion wasn’t all that strong, and Pierce sold it extremely well to draw the foul.

Then only a few seconds later in the game on the very next possession, you’ll see Kevin Garnett stick his foot out and basically trip Toney Douglas as he’s chasing after Ray Allen, who then drills a wide open 3-pointer to essentially win the game.

The rulebook calls it “screening,” and this is the part that applies:

A player who sets a screen shall not assume a position so near to a moving opponent that he is not given an opportunity to stop and/or change direction before making illegal contact.

The ref on both of these plays was McCutchen. Again, Pierce’s flop was so good, and McCutchen didn’t have the angle that the TNT cameras had that really showed just how much Pierce flopped.

But Anthony should have been more careful to not extend his arm to give Pierce the opportunity to try a flop. Anthony still shouldn’t have been called for the offensive foul, though.

At least McCutchen didn’t call a ticky-tack foul on Anthony as he was guarding Pierce at the beginning of the next possession as Pierce tried ANOTHER flop to draw a foul on Anthony. But there was no excuse for missing the trip by Garnett on Douglas.

Coming up on Monday will be our analysis of a couple of controversial calls in the Denver-Oklahoma City game last night.

  • Bam Boogie

    Yep refs blew those calls but melo should have given up the rock to STAT – he was hot – go with the guy who is hot – always – but anyhow boston are floppers and a secret and deceitful dirty team – we can win this series – it was motivation for us to step up and get down on D – the knicks know that – dont think STAT and Melo are talking about it this morning – and letting the team know what needs to be done – i have faith – it’s al i got left! lol

  • S_diggidy


  • Rattling Bones

    To quote great American Nelson Muntz, “HA-HA”.

  • Nick

    this post is clearly written by a knicks fan, if you watched that whole game you saw melo get away with offensive foul after offensive foul and the refs finally got fed up and made the call at a very crucial point of the game. and the trip? come on knicks fan KGs foot was there for a good second and a half so unless kg knew the path TD was gonna take then that was a very clean screen. Quit whining and bring the brooms out now that big shot is gonna be out.

    • RefCalls staff

      We’re not Knick fans. The name of our site is “RefCalls.com,” not “KnickFans.com.” We are an impartial group of basketball junkies that want the rules to be enforced. And we’re very clear on our site that there’s no way we can look at every potential violation because there are so many the refs miss that would be impossible to analyze. What we do look at is the calls that refs make in crucial situations late in games that could have changed the outcome. If you want to break down all the “offensive fouls” that Anthony committed in detail, feel free. We’d love to have the input here in the comments section.

      A second and a half, huh? Put a stopwatch to it. No way it was a second and a half. It astonishes us how people can look at the same tape and see something completely different. That’s why we’re here — to provide an impartial viewpoint that isn’t tainted by being fans. We’ve been watching games for so long, we could care less who wins. We just want the winners to win fair and square.

      • Nick

        Wahhhh I hear the same thing from all Knicks fans, sure looks like Douglas tried tripping KG not vice versa KG had that position established for quite a bit, and if you have been “watching for so long” because apparently you guys are the only people who have watched basketball for a long time and what you seem to see is correct then maybe you should get a pair of contacts, buncha losers on this site that just like to whine. Blaming refs is the saddest cop out to a team losing, the knicks getting outrebounded by double digits I think had more to do with the outcome then 2 calls.

        • Anonymous

          stay classy boston fans

        • nickISretarded

          Wait, what did you just say? That Douglas tried tripping KG? If you been watching basketball for more then a season you would know that this is something Garnett would do.. You’re retarded, your mother should’ve had an abortion.

        • NickisDumb

          I aplaud this site, since i’ve seen so many critical calls that CHANGE the games outcome. I dont have a favorite, so i don’t care if boston or New york wins. I like seeing the big plays “i.e. ray allen” but I want the winners to win fairly, and Nick IS RETARDED

      • Cpprmn10

        You’re sure acting like knick fans. The elbow combined with the leg trip you are conveniently ignoring is an offensive foul any way you slice it. On the other end you say it’s ok for anthony to mug pierce AND body block Allen (another one you ignore) well, thats when it’s let them play time.

      • Yuckabuck

        But this post is definitely one-sided.
        Look, the call on Anthony was easy. Essentially, the refs were letting EVERYTHING go. But Anthony had an elbow near Pierce’s head. You know they can’t let that go, whether it was a real hit or they were baited by Pierce. Can’t ever have another Malice at the Palace.
        Elbows near the head will be called in crunch time. Just ask Kevin Garnett about last year’s first round game 1 against the Heat, where a similar situation occurred in crunch time. Again, he didn’t really make contact, but the elbow was up near another player’s head.
        There were several other calls that could have been made against the Knicks, including Anthony’s blocking foul on Pierce on the next play just before Garnett’s trip. That would have “changed the outcome” as Anthony would have fouled out and Stoudamire or Douglas would have had to take the last second shot.
        Yet I am only hearing about calls that would have helped the Knicks, because of the New York press that hasn’t had an NBA team to root for in the playoffs.
        Elbow above the head- refs call it.
        Anything else below the neck, including holding (Ray Allen was frequently held) or tripping (Garnett) was ignored.
        I’m not saying it was right, but this game was at least the most CONSISTENTLY called so far. If Garnett had thrown an elbow instead of a foot, it would have been an offensive foul. End of story.

      • Baasit-A-20

        I Love this site fellas keep up the good work

  • http://twitter.com/Luv4theGame Philip

    Check out Delonte West coming onto the court at 0:20 when the ball is in play! LOL


  • Olm914

    Nick eat a fat one your celtics are old and done they have no choice but to play dirty. Yes we got out rebounded and we were still winning. The nba is fixed in a fair game ny would’ve won. You lames needed dirty play and the refs to beat us and u barely did. Bottom line everybody hates on ny because we are the capital of the world. Nobody cares about lame a@@ boston.

    • http://twitter.com/iamtazb Taz M. B.

      Your team with the stupid trade ain’t going no where. You guys just made Denver a better team… You guys were better of facing Miami. Boston will put the nail in the coffin to you Knickerbockers.


  • Sprawdz

    what i see is garnett’s leg was established, so douglas tripped himself up on kg’s leg. where’s the foul? i agree about the melo’s offensive foul, that should’ve been a no-call

  • http://twitter.com/rikoi08 Rickner Alcala

    I will give a trophy for the best actor on Paul Pierce and a medal for the best cheater on Kevin Garnett.

  • Baasit-A-20

    Are you kidding me Sprawdz he moved his leg out right as Douglas got by him