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Grizzlies vs. Spurs (Game 1): Not much controversial, but some good flops from Bonner

April 17th, 2011 No comments

We are working hard on reporting some of the worst and best ref calls from today’s (Sunday) playoff action. Here’s a report from the first game of the series: Game 1 of Grizzlies-Spurs.

There weren’t any controversial calls or no-calls that had a major impact on the outcome of this game. However, there were a couple of flops worth noting that our sister site has reported.

On the first flop in the 2nd quarter, Bonner appeared to get hit in the face as he was shooting, then put his hand over his right eye as he crumpled to the floor in what looked like major pain.

But when Bonner got up, somehow magically he was fine, not even having to TOUCH his face after such a ‘painful’ blow. I think most people would have continued to at least touch their wound getting up after such trauma to the face. He probably did get touched in the face slightly for a legitimate foul, but c’mon Bonner, you have to sell it all the way after getting up until you shoot your free throws!

On the second play featured in the video, Bonner threw himself out of bounds after getting slightly touched, if at all, but referee Dan Crawford (#23) actually rewarded him with two free throwss.

This bad call didn’t hurt Memphis because they ultimately won thanks to a Shane Battier 3-pointer near the end of the game, but Bonner’s two free throws after this flop did make the game closer than it should have been.

Props go to analyst Kevin McHale who made fun of Bonner’s flop after the play.

More coverage from Sunday’s other playoff games is coming, so stay tuned.

2-of-4 playoff games free of bad, impactful calls Saturday. Funny moment in one of them, though

April 17th, 2011 2 comments

Two of the four playoff games today didn’t really have any controversial calls that affected the outcome of the game, so there’s really nothing to report there. Those games were Atlanta at Orlando, and Portland at Dallas.

Unfortunately, Indiana at Chicago and Philadelphia at Miami had a couple of controversial calls (or no-calls) at the end of their games, which you can read about here and here, respectively.

Speaking of the 76er-Heat game…on the lighter side, here’s something you probably have never seen: a ref showing compassion to an NBA player.

Thaddeus Young was working his butt off in the 76er-Heat game, huffing-and-puffing running around the court. It looks like in the video below he was telling referee Bill Spooner (#22) that he was exhausted, and the ref looks like he tried to show some sympathy toward Young by giving him a pat on the back — literally!

We don’t have a problem with a ref showing a human side. Players do that often with refs, and it happens occasionally the other way around. This is a unique display of it, though. Again, not a problem to us and we’re not making fun of it. But we do chuckle at what Spooner does with his hands after touching his back. I guess he was surprised how sweaty Thaddeus was!

Hopefully Spooner will catch a break from the press on this, especially since he’s the same ref suing a sportswriter for defamation. Don’t mess with Spooner!