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Bulls vs. Pacers (Game 1): Rose carries the ball on way to big bucket, but no call

Late in the fourth quarter of the Indiana-Chicago game, the Pacers blew a big lead — 10 points with 2 1/2 minutes remaining. It was mainly due to the Pacers collapsing, but there was one no-call that played a factor in the comeback that, of course, the announcers didn’t talk about.

The Bulls were down 99-94 during their comeback with about two minutes remaining, and as we see way too much in the NBA, penetrating guards like Derrick Rose don’t get called for carrying the ball. This gives them a huge advantage as they take a big first step to get by their defender. Once a player like Rose gets past his initial defender, they’re almost unstoppable.

The NBA rulebook states:

A player who is dribbling may not put any part of his hand under the ball and (1) carry it from one point to another or (2) bring it to a pause and then continue to dribble again.

We believe Rose did both. You be the judge on this one as he brings the Bulls within 3 points during their comeback (and went on to win).

Missed travels are such a big part of the game, we did an entire video on the topic analyzing it. You can check it out here at Refcalls.com/missed-travels. It happens so much, there’s no way we would be able to keep up with analyzing each time it happens, but if it happens in a crucial late-game situation like this one and impacts the outcome of the game, we’ll bring it up.

The refs who failed to call the carrying violation on Rose were Joe Crawford (#17) and Violet Palmer (#12). But keep in mind the culture among NBA refs is to NOT call these violations, for a variety of reasons as discussed in the “missed travels” video above.

  • Anonymous

    thats not a carry

    • YaoMingMania

      The rules are right there on the post to see. It’s a carry.

    • RefCalls staff

      The rules are right there on the post to see. It’s a carry.

  • Pessimism

    I can’t believe you’ve done this. After last weekend’s playoff openers I, once again, contemplated starting a website dedicated to exposing the horrific quality of the NBA game. I’m surprised and delighted to see that you’ve — just recently, it turns out — done the job for me. And not a moment too soon.

    The combination of blatantly illegal play and inept officiating makes watching games unbearable. I gave up entirely, nearly a decade ago, on watching baseball and football because of how frequently blown calls determined the outcomes of games.

    I agree with your discretion in limiting your analysis to violations that are deemed especially horrendous or impactful. But the officiating problem is, as you’ve demonstrated, frequent and pervasive. Illustrative of this point is the success of MVP candidate Derrick Rose. He is one of the quickest and most athletic players in the league. However, he is only unguardable by virtue of the fact that he is perhaps the most consistent and egregious violator of the rules. He very rarely makes a move of any consequence that doesn’t incorporate palming, traveling, or both into the play. He is too fast and too agile to be allowed the additional luxury of cheating.

    Some early comments (here and on Youtube) on your Derrick Rose palming/traveling entry prove that the problem with the NBA isn’t confined to the players and refs. To wit:

    1. “360 other NBA players do this. It has not been called for decades. Nice try though.”

    2. “This was the best clip you could find on a travel in the NBA? Stupid video, why would someone even post this? That move is made on every play in the NBA”

    3. “Yea I see this all the time especially with Kobe but if they called that travel every time there would be travel calls every other play.”

    4. “thats not a carry”

    Are these people kidding? No. Fans have become accustomed to rule violations that qualify as showmanship. The common reasoning behind their comments is that the violations occur too often to be effectively policed. Try to believe, just TRY to believe the logic behind that criticism. This leads to one of two disillusioning conclusions:

    1. They have no concept of how severely the game has been gradually degraded over the years,


    2. They don’t care.

    I’m not sure which is worse.

    Keep up the good work.

    • RefCalls staff

      Excellent comments! We couldn’t have said it any better. That’s why we have been motivated for years to try to bring more attention to this problem. Hopefully fans will be receptive to this and start asking the right questions, which will eventually change the game back to how we grew up watching it before some of the rules became an afterthought.

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  • Nelson42345

    This site is pathetic, you aren’t going to gain any credibility with calls like this one.