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Welcome to RefCalls.com!

As sports fans tired of bad calls and missed calls with not much being done about it, we decided “enough is enough,” and that we’re going to dedicate ourselves to exposing bad calls, as well as point out when refs do a good job.

Check out the video below on what we’re all about, or read the transcript below.

Here’s a summary of the video above if you’d rather read than watch:

If you’re a basketball watcher, you can probably remember many times when the refs made bad calls. We can all agree, it’s frustrating. The kicker is when the refs can change the outcome of the game with one blow of the whistle.

Lets face it…we’ve all done it…yelling, screaming, even texting our friends, “How could they (the refs) miss that? How could they have not seen that?” Well, it’s just a waste of time that doesn’t do any good…but there’s really never been one place where fans could go to hold the refs accountable.  At least until now.

RefCalls.com is a place where you can report bad calls and missed calls you see in NBA and college games. We’ll review those calls and publish the most impactful — or downright HORRENDOUS — calls and missed calls from every basketball game each night, and we’ll explain why we believe the call or no-call was wrong.  And of course, you are welcome to comment to let everyone know how you feel about the call or the call that was missed.

We’ve been analyzing ref calls for a pretty long time, and we understand the nuances of the rulebook. We even have on board a former basketball ref who can provide a ref’s perspective for those really tough calls where getting their opinion might help us.  And if you disagree with our assessment of a call that we publish on RefCalls.com, you can always provide your opinion in the comments section.

But RefCalls.com isn’t a place where we’ll just throw refs under the bus all the time.  Believe us, we know how hard it is for refs to officiate basketball games, and when a ref makes the correct call or no-call in a crucial situation, we’re going to give that ref credit, too.  By giving credit where credit is due — while also holding them accountable for bad calls — we think basketball fans will become more aware of what makes a call correct or not.

Now keep in mind that there could be some games where there aren’t really any meaningful bad calls to publish, like in the case of an early blowout where a bad call isn’t going to affect the outcome of the game.  However, we’ll still log them into a database so we can eventually provide some information about individual refs, like how they rank against each other.

There’s another thing we want to capture that just doesn’t tell you how the refs are performing in games.  We know there’s a lot of players out there who like to flop, but there’s really no place where the top flops are archived, so we’re going to catalog those, too, and may feature it on our sister site TopFlops.com.  Who knows, maybe by us bringing more attention to the floppers, it will help rid the game of ALL flopping.

We have created another video on how you can get involved to help us improve the game of basketball, which we encourage you to checkout at RefCalls.com/report.

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