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Good no-call on Manu’s injury-inducing flop

NBA referee Jason Phillips (#23) deserves a lot of credit for not being duped by Manu Ginobili’s flop against the Grizzlies on March 28th.

As written on our sister site TopFlops.com

It just goes to show if you flop enough like Manu does (ranked #2 in a recent Sports Illustrated players’ poll), you’re eventually going to get hurt.

Because of the thigh contusion he suffered as he jerked his leg up against Marc Gasol trying to draw a foul, Ginobili only played 19 minutes, scored two points, and the Spurs ended up losing the game.

Wouldn’t it have been something if the Spurs had lost home court advantage throughout the Western Conference playoffs by one game, and this loss against a beatable Grizzlies team with Ginobili not playing a complete game being one of the reasons why?

At the 1:05 mark, you can see it’s not just us saying Ginobili got hurt because of the flop…even the Memphis announcers say it!

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    You don’t get it. He injured himself by flopping his thigh (not knee) into Gasol’s knee.

  • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

    You are blind.  WATCH THE VIDEO. He is rubbing his knee at the 1:10 mark on the bench in obvious pain, thus injuring himself.  Again, you’re trying to find another “gotcha” when you aren’t very thorough in watching clips all the way through, just like your last lame attempt to find something wrong on another clip when there was nothing wrong.

    And if you’re trying to say he didn’t flop (we have no idea what you’re trying to prove), well, you proved our case when you used the words “jerks/flops” in your comment.

    • Blah128guy

      Do you understand what I am arguing? I am not arguing that Ginobili did not get injured. Why would I argue that? I am arguing that he did not “injure himself” – as you are contending. And I am right.

      He did not injure himself by flopping – as you & the article are contending. Ginobili got injured when he turned and banged knees with Gasol. The jerk/flop was in response to the injury. It did not cause the injury – as you & the article are contending.

      Also, flopping is when someone fakes an injury or pretends to be foul. Flopping is not when someone gets hurt and then overreacts to the injury to draw a foul.

      Ginobili flops a lot, but this is not an example. He overreacted to the injury – but an injury is an injury. Your characterization of Ginobili as “injuring himself” while flopping is wrong and petty.

      • RefCalls-TopFlops staff

        No, we don’t understand your argument because you are all over the place. You are also blind. Your argument is ridiculous, “The jerk/flop was in response to the injury.” He obviously flopped to try to draw a foul. That’s what flopping is, and you confirm it by using the word “flop” and by saying it’s “when someone fakes an injury!” You just closed your own case. The injury that Ginobili suffered has nothing to do with the flopping he was trying to sell. The time that elapses between the time HE makes contact with Gasol’s knee by throwing his knee into Gasol to try to draw a foul by flopping (which is flop #1), and the time he flails his arms for flop #2 (which are nowhere near his knee/thigh) is milliseconds. Everyone knows you don’t flail your arms and upper body backwards naturally if you suffer an injury in your lower extremity, especially in the milliseconds that elapsed between both events. You are obviously a Spurs fan or have a man-crush on Ginobili. I can’t believe you would spend so much time trying to defend your position–you really need to find something better to do with your time. The fact that I’ve spent 10 minutes of my life on this stupid argument is 10 minutes I’ll never get back.