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How to report bad calls, missed calls and flops

If you want to know how you can get involved to report bad calls, missed calls and flops you see in basketball games, checkout the video or transcript below, then go to the RefCalls.com forums to report them.

Since recording the video, we’ve created another way for you to report bad calls & missed calls. Now you can use Twitter by following these instructions.

Here’s how you can get involved to help improve the game of basketball. If you see a call that was blown or missed by a ref, or even a flop by a player, we want you to report it to us in the RefCalls forum.  All you have to do is go to RefCalls.com/forums, register for a free account, then find the games that you’ve watched and provide the following information about the call, or missed call, or flop.  That would be:

– The quarter
– The time on the game clock
– The players involved, and
– What you think the ref called wrong, or was missed, or what he got right.  Or report the player who flopped.

We’ll then research it, determine if it was the correct call or no-call, provide a response most of the time (time permitting), and log it into our database.  And if the call or no-call had a big impact on the outcome of the game or was just plain awful, we’ll publish it on the RefCalls.com home page.  

So what else is in it for you, you might ask?  Well, for those fans who consistently provide bad ref-call, missed call, and top flop information that match up pretty well with our assessments , there could come a time as we grow and get more capital that we could offer some paid, part-time work for our most loyal volunteers.  And through our site, you also get the opportunity to vent so that maybe those refs who got it wrong will do a better job, or the NBA or NCAA will take steps to improve those refs who need it, and reward those who are really good.

We look forward to you reporting bad calls or no-calls in the forum, and we’ll see you on our home page – RefCalls.com.  And for those flops from players that drive you crazy, you can check those out on our sister site TopFlops.com.

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